The 1st Bristol Company was formed at Hope Congregational Chapel in 1888 and by November 1891 there were six different Bristol Companies:

The above companies soon wanted to be formed into a Battalion and the minutes from their meeting in November 1891 can be seen below:

On Monday November 9th 1891 the Officers representing the above held a conference at Victoria School-room at which the Brigade Secretary, Mr Wm. A. Smith was present, and the desire to form the Bristol Companies into a Battalion, under the Brigade Constitution was generally expressed, and it was arranged that a further preliminary meeting should be held on Monday, November 16th. The Brigade Secretary gave very valuable advice and counsel upon various matters connected with the work and hearty thanks were accorded him for his kind help.

Following on from this meeting, in 1893 the new Battalion went on camp for the first time. In 1895 there were 22 companies in the Battalion. However, during the 20th century, with the growth of Bristol and more people living in the suburbs, many of the city centre companies closed and new ones opened in the suburbs of the city. In 1974, the county of Avon was formed and the Battalion was renamed as the Avon County Battalion to encompass all the companies in Bristol, Yate, Keynsham, Bath and Weston- Super-Mare. 22 years later, in 1996, the county of Avon was disbanded but as the Avon Battalion still contained companies in Bristol, Yate, Keynsham and Weston-Super-Mare it was decided that the Battalion should be known as the Avon Battalion, which it is still known as to this very day.

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1st Bristol Company 1888

Avon Map

Conference Of Officers 1891

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First Battalion Camp 1893